The meeting was focused on the works carried out by the partners and on the results dissemination plan.
Each partner presented the story telling produced, through a video, in a “Story – Digital” version
The E-book Template was discussed and created and deadlines were set both for the supply of content by each partner and for translations into the languages of the countries involved.
Each partner illustrated the dissemination activities in their own country, both those implemented and those planned. Finally, each partner explained how is re-using and/or intends to re-use the project results in the normal activity of her organisation.

9.00 Meeting at Campus Catalunya in Tarragona and departure for Poblet
10:00 Visit of the Poblet Monastery (UNESCO site where the story telling was set)
11:30 presentation of the videos and discussions on the educational value for adults
12.30 team work for the final version of the E-Book and translation of it.
13.30 presentation of dissemination activities
14.30 Lunch 15.30 Departure for Tarragona
17:30 Debate of the participants at Campus Catalunya in Tarragona

– Club for UNESCO of Caserta: Jolanda Capriglione, Gian Maria Piccinelli
– Society of Cypriot Studies: Prof. Dr Charalampos Chotzakoglou, Dr Ioannis Eliades
– URV: Prof. Lourdes Rubio Rico, Prof. Silvia Moserrate Gómez AKMI: Dr Myrto Siapardani, Dr Katerina Michou
– INFORMAMENTIS Europe: Giulia Sveva Santillo, Vincenzo Girfatti, Elisabetta Leone

Start Date: 06/10/2022
End Date: 06/10/2022
Receiving Country: Spain
Receiving City: TARRAGONA
No. of Participants: 11