The meeting was opened by Prof. Capriglione who briefly summarized the tasks of each partner and the general objectives of the project. Partners discussed the shared folder created in Drive, where everyone has access to gradually upload their contributions; the Facebook page that everyone can independently update with photos, posts and information about the project; of the website Partners have chosen the logo of the project created by Informamentis Europa, among the various proposals. At the suggestion of the UNESCO Club of Caserta, the partners decided to ask for an extension of the project deadline, moving it from 31 August 2022 to 30 October 2022. The partners redefined the dates for the following meetings, set a deadline for the collection and definition of good practices (March 2022).
30 November 2021
9:10 – Departure from Caserta railway station for San Leucio 11:00/13:00 – Visit of the Belvedere of San Leucio (UNESCO site where the story telling will set)
13:30/15:00 – Lunch in Caserta Afternoon: room 45, first floor, Department of Political Sciences “Jean Monnet” – University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”
15:10/15:30 – Presentation of the project by the coordinator
15:30/16:10 – Short presentation of each organization, staff and individual proposals
16:10/16:40 – Analysis of monitoring tools, timing for data comparison, discussion on the impact and dissemination of the project, work grid for best practices.
16:50/17:30 – Discussion of financial issues and planning of the remaining mobilities
17:30/18:30 – creation of the website, Facebook page, choice of logo
01 December 2022
9:30 – Press conference at the Jean Monnet Department, Luigi Vanvitelli University 10:30 – Departure for San Leucio
10:45/11:45 – Meeting with the students at the Art School of San Leucio – presentation of the storytelling proposal of the Club for UNESCO

– Club for UNESCO of Caserta: Jolanda Capriglione, Gian Maria Piccinelli, Giuseppe Netti
– Society of Cypriot Studies: Dr. Charalampos Chotzakoglou, Dr. Ioannis Eliades URV: Prof. Lourdes Rubio Rico, Prof. Silvia Moserrate Gómez
-INFORMAMENTIS Europe: Vincenzo Girfatti, Lina Fucci, Giulia Sveva Santillo

Start Date: 30/11/2021
End Date: 01/12/2021
Receiving Organisation: Club Unesco di Caserta
Receiving Country: Italy
Receiving City: Caserta
N. of Participant